Money, biology, technology and hope dance together in this high-end hand-crafted art piece. We hereby present the Bitcoin 10-Year Commemorative Coin, a limited edition, collectible silver coin that includes Bitcoin’s Genesis block encoded in DNA. This collectible is complemented with the experience that comes from a Bitcoin based auction and provenance systems (based on the Bitcoin SV ruleset).



The coin is a ~60 gram coin made of 999 fine silver. The front side displays the classic Bitcoin ‘B’ surrounded by electronic circuit pads to the left and a DNA chain on the right, representing the technological and organic nature of Bitcoin and how the blockchain is engineered.



The back side of the coin shows 12 square spirals, each representing a miner doing its job: solving a math puzzle. Each spiral is interconnected, representing the small-world graph that the miners form. At the center, we can see an ouroboros (an ancient symbol referring to the snake eating its own tail), representing the infinite cycle of economics. Closer to the center, we see an oval (from which a blockchain emerges), forming another spiral that reaches the ouroboros. Attached to the oval is a capsule containing the DNA for the Genesis Block.

A message is engraved on the side of the coin with the following format:

  1. A unique identifier for the coin (which will be referenced in the provenance system)
  2. The coin’s edition number in the format “XX/42” where “XX” is the coin’s number and “42” is the number of total minted coins.



The DNA capsule is a plastic capsule that holds the Bitcoin Genesis Block encoded in DNA. The Genesis Block itself has a length of 285 bytes, which has been encoded into 30 DNA chain (which is in turn incorporated into an existing DNA chain). It is anticipated that this solution could last 50 years and still correctly decode the Genesis Block.


The provenance system has been created on top of Bitcoin (SV chain). Each coin is uniquely identifiable and is assigned a token that represents it on the Blockchain. Taking advantage of the the immutable properties of the blockchain, information is issued for each coin and can be verified privately to ensure its validity, in perpetuity.