This collectible coin is our way to celebrate the mining of the Genesis Block in Bitcoin.

More info:

  1. Limited edition. Only 42 coins will be produced. 21 will be auctioned (set A) and 21 will be used internally by the companies that created them (set B).
  2. One of the coins of set B will be handed over to one individual or group of the community by a mechanism to be defined by our Press Partner, CoinGeek.
  3. The first auction will take place on January 12th. The full agenda of dates and times as well as the auction system will be available soon.
  4. The auction system will accept only BSV as bids. Since the Genesis Block is shared between BTC, BCH and BSV, collectionists invested in BTC or BCH may find it relevant to participate in the auction, provided that they exchange their current coin to BSV using a standard exchange.